Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Previews for the 10/11/12 Upload

Seems like a boring blog title for such a fun post!  This is pic heavy so it may take a few minutes to load...

First up, we have Shy Nicolette.  Shy Nicolette has a full head of auburn, pink, and orange wool hair.  Her red and white polka dotted legs are very neutral and allow her to wear just about anything.  Since she is a dreamer, she chose a special The Melamoose Co.  cotton knit dress with unicorns and hearts.

Second up is Lulu LaRue.  This gal has got class.  Her dark brunette hair is mixed with some lovely aubergine yarn, all the softest wool  One leg is dark teal on one side, light pink on the other.  Her other leg is cranberry and light teal.  She is wearing a cotton knit dress made from the dress made from the Lil Sally pattern by Lil Blue Boo.

In the middle of the pack we have Sweet Gabby.  She is a giggler and loves to tell secrets!  Her soft pink and blond hair is all wool.  One of her legs is heather lilac, the other leg is periwinkle on one side, hot pink and white stripe on the other.  Her  cotton dress is also made from the Lil Sally Pattern.

Fourth in line is Melanie Honeymoose.  She is super creative.  Don't let her demure dress fool you, this gal has a real fun side!  Her hair is a mix of classic light brunette wool yarns.  One leg is soft teal, the other is a soft pink/oatmeal stripe and robin's egg blue.  Her dress is by her namesake, Melanie of The Melamoose Co. 

And last but not least, we have Hanna Honeyhart.  Hanna is a natural leader and full of personality.  She has a mix of blond wool yarns.  Her legs are turquoise with iris polka dots.  Boy do I love polka dots :)   She is also wearing a special dress by The Melamoose Co. 

Each Honeydotz Rag Doll has a hand painted face.  I only use non-toxic paint.  The dolls are all between 14 and 16 inches tall and can wear dresses designed to fit many 10 inch Waldorf style dolls, so if you have a collection they will be able to share!  The Lil Sally Pattern size I used was for the 10 inch dolls.  The dress that Melanie wears was designed for 12 inch dolls.  I love that these gals can wear so many different kinds of dresses, their fun and super long legs look great with many styles.  All of these girls are one of a kind, made from fine cotton doll skin and stuffed with wool, just like the Waldorf dolls that I make.

The upload will be in my new shop that I have set up just for them, please click on "Shop" to be taken directly to the site.  This first release of dolls will be offered at an introductory price of $75.00 (US). 

I have loaded previews into the shop, so please stop by and take a look.  If you haven't already, please "Like" the new fan page, pretty soon that will be the only place I will post about these new Rag Dolls.... don't want to keep double posting it to Apple Tree House!

xo Debra

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