Thursday, February 7, 2013

Upload 2/7/13

It's time for another herd to find their way home!  I have 3 corduroy elephants and one fur elephant ready to go this week.... here's a couple of pics:

The corduroy elephants are all stuffed with wool and have wooden button joints and black safety eyes.  One of them has some Matilda Jane Clothing fabric lining her ears!   They are $50 each plus shipping.

The mohair fur elephant is 5 way cotter pin jointed and fully pose able.  Her fur is a peanut color and her ears are lined with Matilda Jane fabric as well.  She has German black glass eyes and is firmly stuffed with poly.  She will be $98 plus shipping.

And don't forget about Crispin.... he is still waiting for his special home :)

Just a reminder.... because of the CPSIA laws, I have to recommend that these not go to kids who put things in their mouths.  They are made sturdy, but there are some small pieces that can be choking hazards.

The upload will be in my Etsy Shop at 8:30 pm EST.... see you then!

xo Debra

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