Monday, April 1, 2013

Saoirse Sweetheart

Today I finished the sweetest little bunny that I have decided to call Saoirse Sweetheart...

Saorise Sweetheart has the most incredible fur.  It is longer than I usually do, and a bit wavy so she is super fluffy.  It is the softest cream color and it is tipped with lavender purple, which matches the beautiful Matilda Jane fabric that I used for her ears.  Also, I gave her a special little white furry tail. 

She will be in my Etsy shop at 7 pm EST tonight.  She will be $98 USD, a little more than the bunnies usually are, as the longer curly mohair fur fabric is quite a bit pricier.   I am getting ready to place another fur fabric order and am seriously thinking about getting some more longer fur, I really like how she turned out!

xo - Debra