Sunday, January 20, 2013


I know it has been quiet around here.... but boy have I ever been busy!  I have been working super hard on something I think is extremely cute, and I hope you find them cute too :)

I just love elephants.... these three are on their way home. 

Each elephant is about 9 inches tall and made from cotton corduroy and stuffed with wool.  They have black safety eyes but are button jointed so I don't recommend them for small kids to play with... but they sure would be sweet sitting on a shelf as part of the decor!  I have several more cut out and am working on some variations as well.  Can't wait for the rest of the fabrics to arrive! 

Please remember to subscribe to these posts to stay up to date, Facebook is rolling out more changes and it may get even harder to see my posts there.  My plan is to use the blog as my main source of letting everyone know what is on my worktable, then to tweet about it (I am @Honeydotz if you are on Twitter) and the tweet will generate a post on my page.... I think.... assuming I have it all set up correctly.  Anyway, the blog posts will be brief for a bit as I will be working hard on sewing up a whole herd of these little guys. 

I am off to watch some Charlie Chaplin movie shorts with my kids.... love Charlie Chaplin!

xo Debra


  1. I love elephants too but I don't love Charlie Chaplin , quite like Buster Keaton though

    1. I am just happy to be spending time with them laughing :) xo